University of Worcester online sustainability magazine


The University of Worcester are working across campus, community and curriculum to deliver the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (set out by The United Nations) that will transform our world.

In 2021, STO became a digital asset to communicate how The University of Worcester is working to deliver the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set out by the United Nations, across its campus, community and curriculum. 

The brief

Increase STOs reach amongst University of Worcester students, staff and the wider community.

Featured posts shared via The University of Worcester and Worcester Students’ Union Social Channels. 

Impact and measurement

  • Identify a clear organic SEO strategy through keyword research.
  • Monitor (via Google Analytics) organic rankings (SERPS) and click throughs to the relevant content published on STO.
  • Measure the growth of both the online and the offline community (including referrals via Google analytics from e.g. social channels and other websites) and record audience engagement at online and offline sustainability related events. 
  • Content strategy measured via google analytics reports and via online feedback surveys

About the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by The United Nations

Published by Wendy Corbett

Wendy Corbett worked in the local, national and international print media and publishing industry for over 10 years, including working for The International Herald Tribune, before re-training to embrace the online audience. Now, with over 10 years additional digital experience she has designed digital content for clients including The University of Worcester, Worcester City Council, Worcester Students’ Union and for Maros Holmes Creative. Wendy is an expert practitioner and lecturer in Visual Language, Communication Design, Digital Arts and Creative Digital Content at The University of Worcester. She is also the content design lead for The University of Worcester’s online Sustainability Magazine.

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